ANNMARY | “i am enough” bracelet

ANNMARY | “i am enough” bracelet

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Green Agate symbolizes harmony and rebalance. It also increases compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice, along with enhancing mental/emotional flexibility, and improving decision-making


Annmary has a Podcast called “Multilingual (G)enuis” where she speaks all things education, family life, and many more topics she is passionate about. In the beginning of each podcast, she starts off with an affirmation. I wanted to create a bracelet as a self-reminder that, “I am enough”.


Annmary and I’s favorite color is green.

charm size: 20mm x 23mm

8 mm beads on stretch chord.


Please refer to size chart:

-If you are unsure of your size, measure your wrist with a measuring tape or a piece of string with a ruler.

-If you purchase your wrist size, it will be a snug fit that won’t move and it will sit closer to your wrist bone.

-If you prefer a more comfortable fit, we recommend going up 1/2 inch.